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I wanted to try and get the juices flowing in this community since there doesn't seem to be so much activity, at least since I joined...

So I was wondering, how do y'all define 'community' or even 'in-group' or 'one of your own.' I mean, its not like queer hapas grow on trees. We can't just decide to join some sort of social or support group (i dont think...if one exists in real life i'd be interested, hehe). So what does that mean? Does community mean any group of hapas? Any Asians? Any queer asians? Does the fact that its hard to find people like us discourage you? Make you feel unique? Flawed? Happy? Sad?

I guess I'll ask a second question in the same post, even though its only somewhat related. Do you think there's special significance is queer multiracial people being able to disrupt _both_ racial and sexual societal expectations in a single body? Does this fact take on special significance in your life, or the way you see yourself?

I'm interested in hearing everyone's answers...or really anything about either community or the intersection of race and sexuality (but i'll say now i'm not one of those people that believes like all multiracial people are queer just because they're multiracial). I'll post my own thoughts tomorrow or later in the week when i don't have like...lots of classes :(
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