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so, this has been on my mind and i would like to hear some responses from other queer mixed race folk...

how as queer mixed race people do we navigate through politics and the world of activism? or even academia? are there any queer mixed race activist groups that are organizing? i haven't seen any and i'm just wondering what people think about that.

i used to work for a queer Asian/Pacific Islander non-profit organization and was told once by the ED, my supervisor, that the issues hapas face are secondary and separate to the issues APIs face... that shit really bothered me because I thought I was part of the "queer API community" and I thought that issues I face would be similar to other queer hapas and that it would be important to address and to work with other mixed race groups. a queer poc group would more likely to address issues multiracials face (or so you would think) rather than a general lgbt organization. and there are queer people of color non-profits/community orgs/groups out there, but i was interested in mobilizing a queer mixed race group but i was questioning how effective that would be and even wondering what the point was. what are the most striking issues a queer multiracial faces? there are so many different experiences... what are our commonalities with such fluid identities falling between the binaries of race, sexuality, and gender? do we even have specific issues or do we always separate our experiences even though our identities are so fluid and really cannot be kept from intersecting? how is this different from "full-blooded" poc queers (well, we know NO ONE is truly full-blooded)? do people know of any anthologies or books specifically on queer multiracial experiences? anyone interested in working on related projects? where do we fit in all this?

looking forward to hearing what people have to say :)
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