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[05 Sep 2003|12:13pm]

hey y'all. i posted this on my personal journal, too.

i'm doing a survey to satisfy my own curiosity, and making a chart to go along with the results. if you could answer in my personal journal that would be *awesome* - easier for me because then all the answers would be in one place.

also, if one or both of your parents is asian, could you let me know which one it is? and did you have a mongolian birthmark when you born? (i did but it was faded, not like a full asian would normally have.)

1. how tall are you
2. how tall is/was your biological mother
3. how tall is/was your biological father
4. how much did you weigh when you were born

1. 5'3
2. 5'1
3. 6'3
4. 9.5 lbs
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Hello [26 Aug 2003|04:18am]

[ mood | drained ]

I just joined this group. Looking forward to reading postings from you all...

Hey, wait, the last posting was in July?!

Hmm, maybe I shouldn't get too invested, then...


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[09 Jul 2003|01:09am]

Hi everyone,

This is a cool community! Thanks to poptizzy for telling me about it.

lets see to introduce myself..
My mom is Scottish/English, and my dad is Japanese.
I grew up in Japan, and moved to the states when I was 7.
I'm bi, but married. My husband is half cherokee and half white.. I think we are going to have a lot to share with our children about cultural identity :)

Languages.. I'm fluent in English and Japanese. I'm also a singer/songwriter, and sing in both languages.

I guess white people think I look asian and asian people think I look white.. I've always been kinda at odds with my appearance and identity.. but the older I get the more comfortable I become with both worlds..

As far as coming out to my parents.. there was a time when I was involved with a woman for several years.. and I wanted to, but just couldn't.
My Japanese dad will probably never know. I think it would break his heart. It is hard enough for him to deal with the fact that I am not married to a Japanese man..kinda hypocritical of him I guess..considering..

Do you guys ever have problems with expectation from your asian families?
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[27 Jun 2003|04:51pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

well my identity formation has been hectic and interesting...

i was born in berkeley, raised in east oakland for my early childhood... being mexican and chinese... well all that in a nutshell you've got: traditional catholic mexican grandma, family thanksgivings where we all made tamales together, grew up with mexican blankets and murals on the walls, chinese dad did the cooking and we had a lot of traditional chinese food, chinese banquets for distant family members, working class black neighborhood, my dad was an activist and had ties to the black panthers, i went to sunday black panther brunches at a local church, and i was going to a private school that was mostly white but pretty diverse (main thing there was class boundaries rather than race)...

and it was all normal to me... for a while...

my parents divorced, and i ended up with my mom and we moved around a lot (me, my mom, my brother, and sometimes her boyfriend)... leaving the bay area, i spent a summer living in a middle eastern ghetto in detroit, then a rural white as white can get town in the woods in connecticut, a white suburb there, then back to cali living in a primarily armenian part of glendale, then filipino and mexican neighborhoods in LA, then back to oakland (same place, moved in with dad for a while), then back to LA but a predominantly white hood but a stone's throw from the old hoods, and finally to san francisco...

but i did over the years end up having to find some sort of identity... in LA, i could identify with the chinese in school, but they were mostly middle upper class... also identified with the mexicans... but on the same note, neither really totally accepted me... i wasn't mexican enough for the chicanos, and i wasn't chinese enough for the chinese... i ended up hanging out mostly with the flips, cuz for the most part they didn't give a shit and i looked more like them than anyone else there... although i was never fully accepted by them either... so in the end i was just this racial misfit, like shrtkid5 said, a chameleon... i ran with different groups at different times depending on what i felt like doing... and i spent a lot of time alone too.

san francisco was a whole new bag for me... the racial groups here were even more exclusive... the asians were kinda broken up into three groups: the bookworms, the fobs/gangsters, and the popular kids... while i had friends who were any and all of those, i didn't really fit in... there weren't many chicanos at my school, and those who were stuck to eachother, i didn't really fit in with them at all, though i got along with some of them pretty well... then you had the black kids who mainly stuck together... and the white kids who just seemed to blend in with everything lol... oh yeah, and then there were the jocks and the rotc kids...

out in limbo, and just dealing with all the years of moving and stuff, i ended up spending most of my time with the stoner/rocker kids who were mostly white working class, a couple others...

so, well identity has been a strange thing indeed for me... and bringing sexuality into it, and class, and gender, spirituality, etc... playing in and out of all these areas over the years i delved into identity as much as i could...

even tried to create an individual major while i was in college that focused on "identity as the root of all conflict"... i didn't get the go ahead tho cuz they'd shelved the individual major program a few years before i entered school... but i built my coursework around identity and conflict and conflict resolution kinda stuff... not really gearing towards any career, but jut cuz that's what i had really gotten into at the time... and that's pretty much how i see things...

identity of any kind... it's all just a socio-historical construct... and being socio-historical beings, we impose identity upon ourselves and others in almost every aspect of our lives...

people like us have a much easier time seeing that and seeing how things work in this world simply because we're socially fractured people... and i mean that in a good way :)... and more than just with being hapa, but being queer as well... we have inherit knowledge of the true fluidity in things... very much a zen thing haha... in that before identity there is only self, and that is all that matters...

ok... think i'm done for the time being lol... should stop now anyway before i start babbling incoherently or travelling off on some crazy tangents... cheers!

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Since our newest member seconded it.... [27 Jun 2003|04:13pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

I'll ask our other (2) members and anyone else who happens to join....

Being that all of us aren't heterosexual (( 100% in some cases)) who else favors the reconstructing of this community into a gay/lesbian/bisexual/tranny/queer hapa community?

You know what, I'll take that as a yes. ^_^

And in the celebration of pride month, week and weekend, I'll post a picture of my alter-ego posing as the late, great, talented, Lisa *Left Eye* Lopes*
Happy Pride!Collapse )

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As the creator of this community... [27 Jun 2003|03:51pm]

Is everyone else here gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered queer or just not straight? Because if that is true, then this community has a whole new meaning....

And welcome to everyone else who has joined, and posted, I've been too stupid to keep up with everything. -_-

And to that end, happy Pride weekend folks! ^_^
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other [27 Jun 2003|03:00pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

*steps back up to the mic

ehem, now that i have your attention, let's talk identity :)

or at the very least, i'll talk about my identity issues.

i spent a lot of time trying to figure out where i fit in. it was oh so confusing going from being the only black haired kid in preschool in a sea of blondes in stockholm, to catholic elementary school in los angeles where all of my classmates were mexican americans. i went from being one type of "other" to a whole other type of other. once i hit that school i became a "white girl" because i was one of the few non-mexican kids. i guess growing up i always felt defined by how other people identified me. in college i spent a lot of time trying to get in touch with my asianness. took asian american studies classes and stuff of that nature. and by the time i wrapped my brain around my ethnic identity, then sexual identity came into question. and that's a whole other story i suppose.

what are your issues/experiences with identity formation?

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intro [27 Jun 2003|01:12pm]

hello dear queer boys :) thought you guys could use a hapa lesbian to round ya out. i'm japanese from my mom's side and swedish/german/french from my dad. i was born in sweden and lived there til i was 7. then my mom moved us to california (L.A.) to be closer to her family. so i guess that makes me first generation euro american and 4th generation japanese american. i guess i identify mostly with my asian side since i grew up with my mom's family. i kinda found my white roots when i met my half-sisters who are caucasian. but one of them has a hapa daughter (half balinese, the most beautiful little girl ever!) and the other has adopted daughters from china (okay, they are absolutely gorgeous as well!). anyways, so there is a whole lotta race-mixing in my family ;)

i notice that there doesn't seem to be a whole lotta dialoguing going on here. won't somebody please at least say hello to me?
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[09 Jun 2003|02:11pm]

[ mood | blah ]

hey hey

just joined the community.
so let's see...

i'm pretty much half Chinese, half Mexican, though supposedly there's some Hawaiian and Portugese somewhere back on my Chinese side. Chinese i can trace back to 5th generation American, Mexican side to well technically forever hah, but i guess if you're talking about the US as a country at least 4 or 5 generations...

i guess identify as queer, but i guess you could say i'm bi leaning, mostly hetero, but for a large part because i have guy issues :P

i can't really speak Spanish, but i can often follow a basic conversation... and i have some remedial Japanese skills, written and spoken, from taking it several semesters in college, but nowhere near where i'd like to be.

physically, a lot of people think i'm Filipino, Hawaiian, or Somoan and if they ask i have to explain no and why not to them ;)... oddly enough, my Chinese side is darker skinned than my Mexican side (people mistake my dad who's Chinese living in Arizona for a Native American all the time lol), and i got the darker skinned genes... my hair is wavy and almost black though i've got it buzzed now (i had long hair for over ten years), and every now and then you can find a blonde or red hair, especially in my facial hair... i've got thick bones from my Chinese side. everyone on that side is thick regardless of weight and mostly shortish. and we gain muscle easy.

so i guess that covers the intro questions heh.

i'm not really big on identifying with any kind of labels obviously, but i can and have identified with various parts of myself over the years. mainly i just try to live and catch people who try to pigeonhole. heck in college, "identity" was pretty much the focus of my studies as i see that as the basis for conflict. any kind of conflict. it's all about identity. so yeah, hooray for being hapa :D

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surry it took me a while to answer [18 May 2003|01:24am]

[ mood | bored ]

i put off responding to the last entry here cuz i wanted to think about my answer, but f*ck it, i might as well just shoot me mouth off

so i guess my racial identity is half filipino (which includes spanish) & half regular, generic white.
i'm queer, i guess i could identify as gay..lol sorry but i just had to put the "i guesses" in those statements, heh.

yea so that's it fer now..haha...

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I seem to have forgotten to make a first post.... [06 May 2003|06:50am]

Welcome everyone to the hapamafia! No, this is NOT an organized crime group. This is simply a place for hapas to get together. Sense of ethnic identity? What languages can you speak? What physical features of yours are predominantly what race? What do you identify with? Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered Hapa? Heterosexual Hapa? Asexual Hapa? Talk people! And before I go on, here are some ground rules....

1. Anything that gets too fiesty or fiery or dramatic will be a closed discussion. It will be ended there.
2. Use the lj-cut tag for longer entries, picture filled entries, and stuff.
3. Surveys that are only pertinent to hapa things are permitted. Who you are, where you live, what's your third favourite number/color how many piercings with a number 19 gauge you have is irrelevant.
4. Have fun! This is a community to make friends, converse and relate to one another.

If anyone has any suggestions for a community icon and more community interests post, post post! Don't be bashful!

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