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Hi fellow Hapas!

I just created a community for discussions and activities. I wanted somewhere to talk about race and gender and sexuality and all the different ways that parts of identity interact... as well as anything else that's fun or interesting.

It's got "stamping" but just for fun. This is not a rating community. It's a way to get to know other people and have more stuff to do on livejournal. I hope it's ok that I'm posting this here. I just really want to get it off the ground!

thedinnercrowd...A discussion & activities community.

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hi everyone, i just joined the community so thought i'd do a quick intro...

my name is sabrina, i'm 21, half japanese and half scottish, born & raised in vancouver currently living in toronto canada. to be honest, i'm kind of confused about my sexuality right now. i've dated both women and men, although currently i feel myself being more attracted to women.

anyway, i'm looking forward to contributing to the community and all that jazz!

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SO... any mixed-race or multiracial people out there? or people who are transnationally or transracially abducted? who also happen to fall into the realm of genderqueer or trans? and are queer/bisexual/pansexual? yeah? yeah?

im presenting a paper at the Lewis and Clark College Gender Studies Symposium and MY piece is roughly about the fluidity of race, gender, sexuality, etc. part of my thinking and deduction of my own experiences is that mixed race people have to recognize the fluidity of race from the very beginning of their introduction to society and this causes for refusal to fall into polar identities whether it be sexual or gender orientation. some people have already written about queer mixed race people, the stuff i've seen being hapa-oriented. i want to delve into gender and genderqueer-ness and not only consider hapas but mestizos, mulattos, mixes of all sorts. i also want to look at transnationally and transracially abducted issues as an extension of this paper, as well as issues with (dis)ability. i would really like to send a few questions over to people who fall into these areas and would be willing to talk about their own personal experiences with the intersections of their identities. if you are interested in being a part of this, please email me (Sumi) at with "LEWIS AND CLARK PAPER" in the subject line.

thanks so much! <3 <3 <3

SAT FEB 19 * Trans/Giving * Special Benefit Show for Sri Lankan Tsunami Victims

if any of my queer hapas are out and about in the la area this weekend, you should come to trans/giving and say hi to me! ill probably be mcing or running around like a supposed important organizer is supposed to do :D

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Special Benefit Show—Helping the Tsunami Victims of Sri Lanka

West Hollywood, CA: Trans/Giving, a showcase and display of art, music, performance, and literature from trans/genderqueer/intersex artists, holds a special benefit show on Saturday February 19, at 7pm at Great Hall in Plummer Park, located at 7377 Santa Monica Blvd. near Santa Monica and Martel. All proceeds will go to Aide To Sri Lankan Tsunami Victims (ATSLTV).

Our lineup features music from Jake Tatton and Heather Huff, photography from s.g. reichen, poetry from Beth Pietrzak and ryka aoki de la cruz, a film from Chris Vargas, and a performance by seeley quest. ATSLTV representative Karla Zombro will be there with photos and updates on the recent developments in Sri Lanka.

For this benefit, Trans/Giving thanks the artists, the West Hollywood Transgender Task Force, and especially the TGIF (Trans/Genderqueer/Intersex/Friends) community for their generosity, time, and love. Doors open at 6:30pm. Suggested donation is $5-20 but please give what you can to help those who have nothing.


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so, this has been on my mind and i would like to hear some responses from other queer mixed race folk...

how as queer mixed race people do we navigate through politics and the world of activism? or even academia? are there any queer mixed race activist groups that are organizing? i haven't seen any and i'm just wondering what people think about that.

i used to work for a queer Asian/Pacific Islander non-profit organization and was told once by the ED, my supervisor, that the issues hapas face are secondary and separate to the issues APIs face... that shit really bothered me because I thought I was part of the "queer API community" and I thought that issues I face would be similar to other queer hapas and that it would be important to address and to work with other mixed race groups. a queer poc group would more likely to address issues multiracials face (or so you would think) rather than a general lgbt organization. and there are queer people of color non-profits/community orgs/groups out there, but i was interested in mobilizing a queer mixed race group but i was questioning how effective that would be and even wondering what the point was. what are the most striking issues a queer multiracial faces? there are so many different experiences... what are our commonalities with such fluid identities falling between the binaries of race, sexuality, and gender? do we even have specific issues or do we always separate our experiences even though our identities are so fluid and really cannot be kept from intersecting? how is this different from "full-blooded" poc queers (well, we know NO ONE is truly full-blooded)? do people know of any anthologies or books specifically on queer multiracial experiences? anyone interested in working on related projects? where do we fit in all this?

looking forward to hearing what people have to say :)

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where are the other freakin queer hapas? EH?

my name is Sumi. i'm a trans/gender/queer multiracial Japanese-Hawai'ian-German-Irish-English-French-Russian-etc American... blah blah. i live in the Los Angeles area... im a student/wannabe academic...musician...artist...activist...etc... just seein where everyone's at? whas crackin?
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Hey, everybody!

I'm Chel. I'm 15 different nationalities, mostly European, but some Native American. And I'm queer.

Please check out: _queer_teens_

It's for queer (every [nonheterosexual] sexual and gender orientation)
AND allied (that means "straight, but not narrow" [-minded, that is])
teens (under 21... for now, at least).

Please at least read the userinfo before you pass it over - this is a chance to get all the queer and allied teens on lj together... and who knows what we could do!

Feel free to spread the word!

Note: This is in the process of being x-posted where ever I can... If the maintainer(s) think it inappropriate, feel free to delete the entry. I'll understand. :)
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freedom to marry

CA Bay Area People -- Check it out!


Speakers include MABEL TENG (City Assessor-General), TOM AMMIANO (Board of
Supervisors), PROF. JEFFREY KUAN (Pacific School of Religion), REV. PENNY
NIXON (MCC), REV. MYO DENIS LEAHY (Hartford Street Zen Center), and more.

***Marriage Equality Now!***

Rally in Support of Same-Sex Marriage
Join us on Sunday, August 8
for "Summer of Love 2004"
11:30 am to 1:30 pm
Larsen Park (19th Avenue & Wawona)
in San Francisco's Sunset district

The conservatives are organizing AGAINST marriage equality. This year in
California alone, the conservatives have staged anti-marriage equality
demonstrations of 7,000 people in San Francisco and 5,000 in Alhambra. We must
do our part to organize FOR marriage equality. Help us get 1,000 supporters to
attend the August 8 rally to support marriage equality.

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Please forward widely. Thanks!
Are you...
* In need of money to help pay for your education?
* Asian or Pacific Islander (A&PI)?
* Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning
* 22 years old or younger?
* Living in the San Francisco Bay Area (Alameda, Contra Costa,
Marin, Napa, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma, San Francisco or San Mateo
* A high school senior, high school graduate, have your GED or
attending college? If you answered "yes" to all of the above, the Queer
Asian & Pacific Islander PRIDE Scholarship is for YOU! Edward Cheng
Ming Tang, a generous and conscientious Chinese gay man, wishes to help you
to achieve educational pursuits and dreams, proudly and without shame. In
partnership with Peninsula Community Foundation, this education fund
awards scholarships totaling $16,000 to deserving applicants, with the goal of
eradicating the isolation, invisibility, homophobia and heterosexism
faced by thousands of A&PI queer and questioning youth in the Bay Area and
To apply, please download an application:
Application Process:
The application process consists of two parts. The first part
included questions for you to answer. The second part included a
creative project.
Send in or drop off the application with your creative artwork
by May 31, 2004 at 5 p.m. via mail or in person.
Attn: Sabrina Wu
Queer A&PI Pride Scholarship
Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center
730 Polk Street, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94109
The application form and artwork becomes the property
of Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center and will not be returned. Your
artwork may be used for publicity purposes.
If you are feeling stuck or have questions on how to fill out
the application form, just contact Sabrina at or call 415.292.3420 x315. Selection
Process: A selection committee including A&PI LGBTQQ youth and adults
review the applications and select scholarship recipients. We establish a new
selection committee for each year. Selection factors included the
following: financial need, personal and societal challenges, creativity
and originality, community involvement or the imagining of a queer A&PI
community. Each year, the selection committee comes up with the range
of award amounts. For the year 2003, the committee decided to give awards
ranging from $1,000 to $5,000. If you have any questions or want to get
a head start, please contact Sabrina Wu at
Sabrina Wu
AQU25A Program Coordinator Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center 730
Street, 4th Floor San Francisco, CA 94109-7813 Tel.
292-3420, x315 TTY 292-3410 Fax 292-3404
We&#39;re going!


HI people. Creator/Moderator here. I have selected none other than the finest source for GLBT news/activism angryasiangrrl as co=mod/maintainer. Regarding all the recent issues that have been coming up lately, (( i.e. same sex marriages, laws prohibiting them, election 2004, pride month etc)) I am curious to see everyone' stand/viewpoint on these issues.

And I realzed that the hapa mafia does have some standing in the livejournal world. hmmm...let's get this place rocking people. june is pride month and it's only three weeks away.
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