Radical Dreamer (mixie_revenge) wrote in hapamafia,
Radical Dreamer


Hi everyone! I'm a new member. I found this site when I was doing research for my thesis, and I was really surprised to find out that there were like online communities for queer multiracial people. I'm happy to be here.
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welcome :) what is your thesis about? what are you studying?

well, my thesis was originally going to be able the sexual politics of hapa-ness. meaning like who do hapas desire sexually and why, who desire them and why. one of my friends (who is chinese/white) told me a story about how some asian dude she was dating was like 'when i'm dating you its almost like im dating a white girl', like she was the transition "up". so it just got me thinking how hapas are exotified in a unique way. also, criticisms of the film charlotte sometimes centered on the hapa having more sex than the monoracial asian man, and how because his appearance gave him sexual desirability, he was not asian. crazy stuff.

but thats a pretty big topic, and i actually want to concentrate more on making a film rather than doing research for my thesis, so i think i am going to change it to specifically queer hapas, and, since we're a fairly rare breed, how they create community or negotiate identity or something like that...its still in the initial phases.
sounds interesting! what is your field of study?
i'm an undergrad in CT and my majors are film and east asian studies...i'm actually more interested in asian american studies, and most of those courses are crosslisted under east asian and american studies. so this project will hopefully bring film and asian americans tudies together... :)
theres alot more queer hapas out than people think :D

oh and welcome :)
yea, i was actually surprised to find so many after doing just some quick looking into it. that's the main reason i'm doing this project actually--to bring more visibility to our community, i guess :)
thats coo :) have u gone to 'mixedfolks.com'? theres a composite of famous mixed celebrities

yeah living in CT im sure theres not as much hapas compared to living in CA