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Came across this community by accident, but hey, I'm half Chinese, half White and gay as hell, so why not join... right?

Rock on.
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perfect :) welcome to our world. muahaha.
Thanks for the welcome!

I've seen your posts on queersandiego, it's nice to meet you. I grew up in Chula Vista, went to college at UCSD, worked at the Guild and Park theatres in Hillcrest, and lived in North Park before I moved to San Francisco in 1994. Haven't been back much since! haha... though I do miss all the great cheap taco stands! *sigh*
hey, i'm glad to see that someone is reading them even though you're in san francisco :) i just got to san diego less than a year ago. before that i was in washington, dc and before that i was in los angeles. we do have some good tacos down here, but i wouldn't mind ditching this place for s.f. some day!
Hey welcome! I haven't been checking up this community that much cause it's not very active..but I really wich it was!
Thanks for the welcome!

Yeah, I noticed it's a little quiet here.... *sound of crickets chirping*... but maybe it'll shake up soon!
hahaha..aWWWWWW you are too cute. Hopefully it will!